Technical Details

When & how long...

  • It is mandatory to book your place in advance, although the tour is free.

  • On July and August the tours occure weekly, Saturdays at 11:00 (am).

  • It is about 1:15 hours long (there is no break).

  • During the tour we will walk in central Tel Aviv. Walking is divided into small parts and suitable to all ages. For any concerns on this matter please contact us prior to booking.

  • The starting point is in the area of Rothschild Avenue ("Sderot Rrothschild"), and the exact location of the tour you signed up to will be mentioned in a confirmation email you receive upon booking.

See Behind the Streets

Stand where history happened...

  • Be where the historic pride events occured, and where the old & modern pride parades happen. Hear about the unbelievable evolution of the Pride Parades that led to the different parade types we have today.

  • Visit the locations that are directly related to a fascinating history of LGBTQ in Israel – crazy change of the laws, the IDF army and the society.

  • Pin-point the best sites to see and the outstanding queer nightlife TLV offers.

Become Smart

Learn about...

  • Life of LGBTQ today – culture, communities and also updated slang!

  • A unique insight into the LGBTQ orthodox religious communities.

  • Is it safe to be gay in TLV? How about other places in Israel?

  • LGBTQ organizations across Israel.

  • An overview of hot topics in today's public debate.

Frequently Asked Queestions (FAQ)

Feel free to contact us on any inquiry

  • Is it really free?
    Yes, you pay nothing at all.
    At the end of the tour you decide how much you enjoyed it and how much it was worth for you, and you are welcome to leave a tip of gratitute. Your tour guide is not payed by any one except the tips.

  • Are there any other dates\hours that are not mentioned in the booking form?
    Please contact us, we might be able to set up a custom tour.

  • What language is the tour?
    The tours are in English.

  • What to do if I can't attend a tour I booked?
    Group size is limited, so should you not beng able to attend the tour you are signed up to, please cancel your booking as early as possible so that we could notify people in the waiting lists that they may join. To do this, use the "Can't Attend" link that is in the confirmation email you received.
    Please note "Can't Attend" messages are received by us until 2 hours before the tour.