Know all about gay life in Israel

Life Today
Culture, communities and also updated slang

Religious LGBTQ
A unique insight into the LGBTQ communities of religious orthodox

Crazy History
The fascinating history of LGBTQ in Israel – crazy change of the laws, the IDF army the society

Is it safe to be gay in TLV? How about other cities?

Pride Parades
The unbelievable evolution of the Pride events, and why we have different types of events

Public Domain
Activists, organizations and the public opinion

Touring Tips
The best sites to see and the outstanding queer nightlife TLV offers

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Like all major cities around the world, we are proud to offer these tours 100% free.

At the end of the tour, you decide how much you enjoyed it, and you can feel free to tip the guide with any amount you feel the experience was worth for you. All income is invested in LGBTQ Free Walking Tours TLV.

Tour details

It is mandatory to book your place in advance, although the tour is free.

The tours occure weekly, Saturdays at 11:00 (am).

They are about 1:15 hours long and cover main current & historic LGBTQ sites of TLV center.

The location of the exact starting point for the specific tour you sign up to, will be sent to you in the confirmation email upon booking.

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